Brochure are very important on market.used to introduce any product or service as a small book model..

brochures is looking like a small book or magazine,also look like a folder single sheet.

it's containing information and pictures about the service or product.


Brochures are the cheapest advertisining tool on the market.because brochure are very cheap to printing and computer printing is very cost for brochure printing.but offset printing is very cheap and high quantity.

so offset brochure printing for high quantity in less price.


Brochure printing


different methods of brochure printing is provide all printing companies.

four colour process for using brochure printing on thick glossy papers.

that will give high quality for the brochures.


compare to flyer or leaflet brochures are high quality and printing on a good paper.


brochures are commonly printing on  single sheet paper.but it's differents with their folding.

there are a lot of different types of folding brochures are available in the market for advertising their own  product or service.


bi-fold brochures

this types of brochures a single sheet containing information and pictures of service or product.sheet will folded into halves.or fold on the center of the sheet.

tri-fold brochures

this types of brochures a single sheet containing information and pictures of service or product.and that sheet will folded into thirds.


other types of folders are ::


1.z-fold brochures

2.gate fold brochures

3.half fold brochures

4.classic tri-fold brochures

5.single gate fold brochures

6.four panel fold brochures 

7.double gate fold brochures

8.four panel roll fold brochures 

9.tri fold + half fold brochures

10.eight panel roll folder brochures

11.16 panel fold brochures 

12.6,7 panel fold brochures







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